Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Ghost of Sector 16 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Wardrobe

House number 215, Sector 16 

 …..‘Tu yaha hai toh bahar kaun tha…’ As I said so, there was loud bang and the door slammed open, a sudden gust of wind blew….

We were witnessing something that we had only watched in movies, it was like a tornado that hit us hard and we were running helter-skelter, I couldn’t figure out where Aseem and Ashish suddenly disappeared and I was pushed out of the room by the strong force. The night lamp in the hall shattered and it was dead dark again. Suddenly things went quiet as if everything went still and numb. I was lying on the floor trying to regain consciousness and before I could think about my fellow friends, I heard a loud knock on the door which was next to our bedroom, I was shell-shocked as the room was locked since ages as told by the broker. Who would be knocking the door from inside, I was scared to even think about getting up and checking what is behind the locked door. Before I could even think about looking for my friends or about the robust knock at the door, a cold wave blew again and I could hear a creepy whisper and a shadow passed quickly around me. In a split seconds the door lock fell on the ground, the door opened with eerie rusty noise and I could hear few people talking to each other in the room, I don’t know what prompted me or the inquisitiveness to know what exactly is happening around, I was driven slowly towards the room. I pinched myself hard to check if I am dreaming or this is really happening in front of my eyes. After passing through the patch of darkness, there was light in the room.

I entered and found 3 friends playing a prank on the fourth one. I saw them dressed in the school uniform and they had just finished the celebrations of probably the last exam of the semester. I could hear them teasing the fourth guy, kicking and punching him hard without even caring if he is feeling hurt or not, before he could open his mouth one of the guys tapped his mouth tightly, pulled his hair and kicked him. They all seemed to be out of senses or probably under the influence of an alcohol. 

‘You can’t escape today, you fool’ one of them shouted at him throwing his half glass of whiskey and slapped him. 

‘You think that you are smarter than us’ the other shouted and slapped him as well. 

‘I am the owner and no one would enter this place anytime soon, so no one is going to find what happened to you, we will never come back. So who will find you boy!?’ he slapped him tighter, punched on his face and they all lifted him, stuffed him alive in the wardrobe and locked it. The boy kept on banging the wardrobe from inside, he couldn’t shout, he couldn’t push but a suppressed bang was constant. 

‘What the hell are you doing?’ I shouted at them but I found that no one could hear or see me. I couldn’t understand what was going on, they left the scene but the knock from inside the wardrobe continued. 

Suddenly the room lights went off and it was dark again and there was pin drop silence, there was a little light through the ventilators above enough for me to at least carefully leave the room without any hindrance. I immediately turned back and briskly tried to move out of the room when the room door shut hard and the wardrobe thumped again. It was slow and steady, I was sweating profusely, I went numb and couldn’t gather the confidence to turn back, I couldn’t even shout as nothing came into my mind. The knock slowly gained pace and with every second it became louder. I heard someone asking for help in a whispering tone.

‘Please help me! Please get me out of it.’ somebody was crying and I could clearly hear it now. I turned towards the wardrobe and paced towards it. I was shivering, I could feel that I am trapped here and won’t be able to find a way anytime sooner, probably never. I could sense the feel of living my last few moments in the dark room with someone trapped inside the wardrobe. 

I reached near the wardrobe, the lock opened automatically, my hand moved towards the door handle and I slowly opened it and it happened again. The cold breeze, the creepy whispering in my ears and I saw dead dark inside the wardrobe and nothing visible, just like they describe a black hole, it was horrible. 

‘Hello! Is anybody there?...aaa…aaa… anyone here?’ As I said this, in flash I saw the same face I saw behind the curtains in the lawn, it was horrendous, the white eye balls, the distorted face with blood marks and before I could shout, the hands came out of nowhere and I was sucked inside the wardrobe and door shut hard.

I woke up suddenly and found Ashish and Aseem still sleeping, it was 6 AM and I could see the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Where were we? I found out that we were in the same park near sector 22 where we had slept around 2 AM. I was still sweating and I looked around and found that I was still alive and it was a dream. The parantha baba, the auto accident, house number 213, the dead body, the wardrobe. All I saw in flash was now a part of the dream and I smiled. 

The broker came around 9 AM and he took us in his car, I was still under the spell of my dream and every street or road or corner seemed familiar. He stopped his car and we all got down.

‘That's the flat sir.’ pointing towards the property he showed us and I saw it was house number 215 with name plate ‘…ja’s Nest’ and we were in Sector 16. I could recall and relate it again with the house number I had seen in my dream. Ashish and Aseem went ahead when I asked him ‘Bhaiya is this property haunted?’

He paused for a moment, turned towards me and I could notice the sudden change in his attitude, he gave a look and stared direct into my eyes. 

No sir, there is nothing called ghosts!’ He said and for a second I felt his eyes turned white. I nodded quietly and moved ahead. I turned around and found that no one was there. 

He disappeared. 

The End

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