Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Ghost of Sector 16 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Body Behind Curtains

3:59 AM Sector, 16

…. I didn’t turn to look back instead continued to stare towards the house 213 and I found something fell from above and there was loud thuddd!!!! It seemed something horribly heavy fell from above. Could it be a body?... 

Without turning back I ran back in, entered the house, locked the door and yelled,

‘Where are you guys?’ I was perspiring heavily as I was uneasy and nervous. I checked the first room and could see that the two were in deep sleep and one of them was snoring. I didn’t make an effort to wake them up, instead forced myself to not to think about anything else and sleep. The room's light was off and the only night lamp that was switched on was in the living room. Before I could shut the door and lock it from inside, something made me inquisitive about the thing that fell down the lawn, I looked towards the double hung windows of the drawing hall, and I could notice the white transparent curtains blowing because of the wind through the window; it was pitch dark outside.

I wanted to resist and not verve towards the curtains but I was getting edgy and curious, it wasn’t my decision to go and check, fighting against all the odd thoughts of acting sensibly and sleep, I preferred moving slowly, inch by inch and more closer till I reached the window. I wanted to see what exactly fell from above. It was 4:05 AM and I stood near the edge of the window. I held the curtain tighter, preventing it from blowing away, pulled it slightly towards the left. I moved my face an inch closer towards the window glass and tried to peep outside to check what had happened.  

It was horrible, I saw a body probably of a young boy, dressed in a school uniform lying in a pool of blood with his mouth wide open. The face was in my direction and before I could react and shout, I saw a slight movement in the body and in split seconds he opened his eyes, the white eye balls, the distorted face with blood marks and the body turning slightly white, he stood up looked at me with the most horrible face I have ever seen and cannot describe. I was in shock, numb and couldn’t hear anything else, as if nothing else existed, I could feel as something is approaching me from behind, I could sense something moving closer to me but couldn’t turn back as I was watching him and in seconds he ran towards the abandoned house number 213, climbed the wall and was gone.

‘What are you doing here?’ Ashish kept his left hand on my shoulder and I shouted.

‘What happened brother? Where were you? Why didn’t you come to sleep? Are you okay? Why are you sweating so profusely?’ he asked many questions in a flow and I couldn’t answer any.

‘Go and sleep inside, you seem tired.’

I nodded and slowly moved towards the room. Ashish was constantly staring at me, he might be thinking that I am acting weird because I was still feeling uneasy and sweating. I sensed a wave of negative energy all around which was only affecting me. I reached and pushed the half opened door. I moved in and reached the bedside, without thinking much, I just pushed Aseem aside so that I could sleep. But my action broke his spell and he woke up suddenly and removed his bed sheet from his face and said.

‘What happened?’ I was lost and without looking at him said.

‘Nothing brother, tu so ja aur Ashish ke liye jagah chod dena.’ 

‘Have you gone mad? I am Ashish only.’ He stated and shook me gently and I was shocked to see that the one who was talking to me was Ashish and Aseem was sleeping beside me. I was in a state of horror and said.

‘Tu yaha hai toh bahar kaun tha..’

As I said so, there was loud bang and the door slammed open, a sudden gust of wind blew….

To be continued….

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